the galleria space

This quaint charming 800 sq.ft indoor space, personifies an unpretentious organic warmth with its rustic tiled roofed gallery, striking louvered wooden windows and doors and art deco flooring; is available for anyone to use this space for workshops, talks, artshows, movie screenings or temporary pop-up stores.

for art shows & exhibitions

With the aim to nurture this reciprocal relationship by connecting artists from across the nation and globe, the galleria is a perfect affordable platform. Large seamless movable wall structures with focus lighting are available to display canvases and paintings.

for workshops & seminars

We permit use of galleria for aesthetically & culturally enriching talks, screenings and workshops. With a seating capacity of 50 people, we provide 50 chairs, 6 multipurpose tables, screen & projector, AV system, TV as per requirement.

galleria rental

1/2 day (4 hours) : Rs.4,000*
Full day (8 hours) : Rs.8,000*
Per day rental for a week : Rs.3,000 / day**
Basic sound and 2 mics : Rs.3,000
Beverages : Rs.2,000 (25 pax)***
(water + tea/coffee/soft drinks)
Decor/ on-site branding : charges on request

* Inclusive of seating for 25 pax, stage & stage lighting
** Except sundays
*** Any special F&B services available on request at additional charges

for bookings/queries, contact us at