a handmade designer store

A decade ago, a part of the 75 year-old existing pitched roof structure was restored and converted into an award winning indigenous architectural masterpiece. The inner structure is made up of two intersecting spheres with different diameters to create a unique fluid and homogenous space which has the essence of a cave, finished with mixture of papier-mâché and plaster. The contemporary store is purest embodiment of space and blends in delightfully with the rest of the idyllic institute environ.

sustainable handmade products

Our instore biodegradable paper products lend a proactive edge to those who endorse the minimalism, authentic sustainable ways of living and believe building a greener tomorrow. With the aim to manifest the beauty of rustic handmade paper by developing a wide range of sustainable artistic papers & paper products that represent the fusion of rich ethnic & contemporary minimalism. Every product is completely eco-friendly, made by recycling waste materials and is preferably wood-free.

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