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Bring home a Paper Mache Bappa this year!

  Pune Handmade Papers has been constantly reinventing the sustainable way of celebrations and helping rural artisans ushering the Ganesh Festival in a sustainable way. This year, they have successfully experimented by making “Paper Mache Ganesh idols” that are 100% eco-friendly, sturdy and recyclable. These traditional looking murtis consist of  90%  handmade paper pulp, 10%  shaadu maati and adhesive, hence...

A handmade effort

Papers with a soul Every handmade paper created by artisans of Pune Handmade Papers has a story in itself. From the first step to the last step, every effort is meticulously taken in order to make every paper look refined and elegant. All the papers are individually treated and are hence distinguished from each other. Our production team strives every...