Bring home a Paper Mache Bappa this year!



Pune Handmade Papers has been constantly reinventing the sustainable way of celebrations and helping rural artisans ushering the Ganesh Festival in a sustainable way. This year, they have successfully experimented by making “Paper Mache Ganesh idols” that are 100% eco-friendly, sturdy and recyclable. These traditional looking murtis consist of  90%  handmade paper pulp, 10%  shaadu maati and adhesive, hence are incredibly lightweight- a 9 inch idol weighs just 500 gms. Therefore, they can be gifted or sent anywhere in the world by courier as they are non-fragile and almost unbreakable.  

These Paper Mache Ganesh Idols are available in 3 variants packed in a lovely handmade paper box. You can choose from a traditionally coloured, flat-coloured with golden highlights or a white-colored one that comes with a poster colour and paint brush kit. It’s a wonderful home activity, especially for children, to paint-it-yourself and make “bappa” your own way. These idols will dissolve easily in a bucket during immersion and can be turned into paper pulp again very easily, or retained and colored again next year. They are exactly what you need to make a sustainable switch in your homes. 

These Ganesha will be on sale 16th August onwards. Along with these special 9” paper mache idols, there will be pure traditional idols made by artisans from Pen, Maharashtra which are in a combination of Shaadu Maati and Paper Pulp (used for reinforcement) in various designs as well.

While all of us have become more and more aware of our carbon footprint on the planet, PHP is surely on a mission towards saving our planet earth. These Gajananas will be available for booking at Pune Handmade Papers, KB Joshi Road, Next to Agriculture College Campus, Shivajinagar, Pune. 

Visit their Facebook and Instagram page (@punehandmadepapers) to find more details or enquire about this. 

Address: Pune Handmade Papers, KB Joshi Road, Next to Agriculture College Campus, Shivajinagar, Pune.         

Contact Sameer on 9271592904 or Ravi on 7798000980 for more details.

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