Curating our first art exhibit



Pune Handmade Papers curated its first art exhibit in collaboration with Karkhana Art co-lab, “Confluence : an exploration of paper and mixed media” by ceramic & mixed media artist, Ruby Jhunjhunwala and visual artist, Snehal Goyal. Inaugurated on 2nd October, Gandhi Jayanti, this event received an overwhelming response and was well-appreciated by all art-lovers in the city.

This artist duo have explored of two mediums, two individuals and two journeys finding togetherness. Unveiling an artistic synergy, the two artists reminisce their own need to build a space that emanates the idea of a home - where one can freely wander, converse and relax; a space that inculcates comfort and healing. They have let their differences to integrate into a whole.

The ethereal works are made from a melange of organic & natural materials like roots , leaves, seeds, tree bark, dried leaves blended with shreds of paper made from locally sourced pulp carrying its own history, up-cycled cloth and cotton yarn. All art works have been given more dimension by the use of gouache, gold foil, pen & thread. As both the artists are heavily influenced by texture and form, this art exhibit will be a perfect opportunity to see how one can truly interpret art in different ways.

 All the artworks from this exhibit have been created with an ambiguous vision and with a mindset to make new connections with art. Amalgamating two unique ideologies enforces a powerful and compelling thought process. Karkhana art co-lab through Confluence attempts to bring out the best of two worlds.­

We are opening doors to all art enthusiasts and connoisseurs to step into this world of pure exploration and creativity.

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