A handmade effort

A handmade effort

Papers with a soul

Every handmade paper created by artisans of Pune Handmade Papers has a story in itself. From the first step to the last step, every effort is meticulously taken in order to make every paper look refined and elegant. All the papers are individually treated and are hence distinguished from each other. Our production team strives every day to be able to maintain the cultivated standard of handmade papers from a legacy. What starts with just cotton rags is turned into a beautiful paper. This process is compellingly stunning  if one actually witnesses it whilst imagining all sorts of unique products that can be created out of a handmade paper. 

An impactful choice 

An alternative to regular machine-made paper, handmade paper is truly ecologically-friendly because of its pragmatic manufacturing approach. Lesser resources in terms of water and energy consumption. Our papers are made by recycling materials like cotton, jute, and mill waste and are wood-free. We truly believe our initiative towards saving the environment contributes towards a global cause and makes a difference. An unceasing mission towards the planet creates a positive impact for a better tomorrow. 

An anecdote for a sustainable future

It is through a simple change in habit of leading life that you can choose to make your lives a bit more eco-conscious than right now. More than 4,500 kinds of papers that are one of the strongest papers are produced by us. A contemporary method of techniques is adopted to ensure ecological sustainability is incorporated along every step we take. Take a minute to feel a handmade paper with your bare hands and you will know that a magical journey is about to begin. 


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